StoreAnnoucementSo you finished reading The Never Hero. Then, needing a Never Fix, you immediately picked up a copy of The Never Paradox, and now you’re waiting for book 3:

The Never _______!!

Ahhh man… T. Ellery hasn’t even announced the book’s title yet? What is a Jonathan Tibbs fan to do in the meantime!

I’d recommended checking out the new Never Store! The place where you can pick up some Never Gear:

  • Never Posters
  • Never Mugs
  • And (Coming Soon) some Never Apparel!

In all seriousness though, I’ve finally gotten around to producing some of the “merch” fans have been asking about.

The Mugs and Posters I’ve already seen samples of, and I am pleased with the quality to start selling them. T-Shirts still need a bit of work but are coming soon.

Last, I know the prices may appear a bit steep. When it comes to stuff like this I wish I could give it away to anyone who wants it. A reader supporting the series by wearing a T-shirt, hanging a poster on their wall, or drinking their coffee out of a Never Hero Mug is the type of reader I can’t wait to write for! So, I’ve basically listed every item as close to cost as I can in order to pay for the printing services.

So uh… I guess that is it for now! Don’t forget us at Christmas 🙂


4 thoughts

  1. I randomly picked the Never Hero and was rewarded with a fun, intriguing, well written story! Now that Im finished with Paradox, is there any hope we’ll see the 3rd soon? Bring it on!

    1. Literally working on it right now 🙂 but still feels like I’ve got a ways to go.

  2. Great. The 3rd book is out… and *I* was supposed to be doing *training*….

    Hodges, you’ve got a captivating pacing, your characters are engaging and your level of detail is *just* right for me. Please don’t write too fast, or I won’t get anything done.

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