At the gates between worlds.
In a war outside of time.
They fight for us.

The man they took prisoner was not the Jonathan Tibbs they remembered.
He said that time was running out.
That the world faced an enemy it could not defeat.
He said everything depended on whether or not they could make a leap of faith.
Then, he asked them for five nuclear warheads.

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Audiobook Release is TBD but Early 2021 is expected.

Paperback release is TBD but next three weeks is expected.


Celebrating the release of the final installment, the kindle edition of The Never Hero will be 80% off in the US and UK from Dec 16 through the 22nd! Got that friend who won’t start a series until it’s complete? Time to drag them into The Never!  

6 thoughts

    1. I’ve spoken to Steven Barnett recently, and while we never make any guarantees on these things (it will always be quality over speed) he is confident he’ll be done recording before the end of March.

  1. Really amazing story you made. The third volume pulled together everything and added levels of sophistry and plot that i haven’t seen in fiction in a long time.

    Very nice twists and turns with excellent pacing and story telling/character development.

  2. Just finished the Kindle version of The Never Army and wow! Totally blown away with the storyline and detail, so much thought put into the back story. I look forward to the release of the audiobook, Steven helps bring the book and people alive for me.

    I sincerely hope you continue with the story, without giving anything away for those that have read the book yet, the A.I development was strong and has real possibilities.

    Don’t make us beg, get writing……….

  3. Looking forward to the Audible version. Is this still on the production table?

    1. Hi Rob.
      Its currently with Audible QA. I’m in the same boat with everyone, waiting for for them to send me an email with a release date.

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