Now you can bring the Chronicles of Jonathan Tibbs to your desktop in 1920 x 1030 Hi-Resolution!  Click on the images below to download your new computer wallpaper!

Of course, I am trusting you to use as intended, in other words… stealing and editing copyright artwork for profit will get you placed on Santa’s naughty list.  

 Wallpaper One: THE NEVER HERO

The Never Hero - Wallpaper Hi-Res Title.



The Never Paradox - Wallpaper Hi-Res


T. Ellery: Now, I know what you’re thinking…

Readers: Why would I want to turn my Computer into an advertisement for your book series?

T. Ellery: Yeah, stop thinking that…

9 thoughts

    1. Hi Shaun,

      What happens when you try? When using chrome, I right click the image and then click ‘save as.’ After that I manually navigate to the location where I saved it on my hard drive and set it as a desktop image. If you are using a different browser let me know and I’ll see if I can recreate the issue. If we can’t figure it out, go ahead and send me an email at and I’ll reply with the images.

  1. Hi T & Shaun,
    Ditto Firefox – R click, “set as background” – all good.

    Thanks for new desk top. Good luck with the career, cheers

  2. Right clicking and save as (in chrome) is only giving me a 750 x 422 copy of the images. In the past I was able to get the full size.

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