I recently ran a free promotion on The Never Hero. See details at: Running An Amazon Free Book Promotion | Time to Hustle.

As a result of the initial run I saw:

  • A marked increase in sales, approximately 200% of normal for roughly a month
    • I have noticed a recent decrease in sales as of the last week, but there are rumors that Amazon has changed their algorithms recently, so its difficult to tell how much of that drop off is related
  • 10 new reviews
  • A quadrupling of new subscribers to The Never Army mailing list

Likely as a result, I have received confirmation from some of the more sought after book marketing advertisers that they will feature The Never Hero in a new promotional giveaway (no, still haven’t landed a bookbub promo).

As I am now much more acquainted with how to run these giveaways effectively, I am going to run another promotion on Jan 11th –14th. This time, my focus is mainly on increasing mailing list subscriptions. I intend to employ some strategies, including an offer for free sample material of the still in progress Rolly Series. Side note: I have recently uploaded some of this series to wattpad to see if I can leverage the site to drive engagement. See link to read.

In other news, I have a perpetual problem in that I often stumble upon new graphics art techniques that lead me to realize I can produce more interesting cover material. So, with this new Free Promotion, I’ll be testing out some new Cover Art. These are showcased at the top of the page. For reference, the older models are shown below:


The Next Free Promotion
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