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SpiderMan Chronicles

Say you’re up late one night and you decide you want to read every Spider-Man comic book ever published but only if you can do so in chronological order.  Not publication order, mind you, but in an order that has all 2,000+ issues make sense as a single story.  Because this is what you do when you’re up late.  Don’t blame me.

Before today you had two options.  First, you could find some online reading orders but they can be lacking so that option is out.  Second, you could read every issue and then try to put them in order as you go but that defeats the purpose of reading them in order.

As of today, you have a third option.

One of the secret projects I’ve been working on for Gabbing Geek has been this definitive Spider-Man reading chronology. The goal is to incorporate as many canonical appearances as possible…

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