Okay, so confession time: I’m a bit of a nerd.

I know, I know, you never would have guessed such a thing from a Superhero SciFi author who merges Doctor Who, Predator, Rocky, and Jesus into one book.  I apologize… this likely came as a shock.

Anyhow, its not something I bring up a lot, at least not in my day to day life. Not for lack of trying mind you, but my co-workers tend to give blank stares when I start pondering the thematic parallels between Christ and the Last Son of Krypton outloud.

Yeah, so…I’ve been called a bit of a fanboy… okay perhaps ‘curator of a well managed Nerd library’… A #Nerdbrary? Son of a… dammit Twitter! I actually thought that hashtag was going to be original. You plagiarize all the best stuff I haven’t thought of yet!

What the hell was I talking about? Oh right… so I started playing Dungeon and Dragons before I can honestly recall. That isn’t an exaggeration, I remember getting made fun of for it as early as second grade, we are talking 1990 ish. I collected comic books from 3rd grade until highschool and started playing Magic Cards around 6th grade.  I went to a Roman Catholic school, and I remember everyone walking off the dance floor at a party I went to once… I had played my Nine Inch Nails album. I wasn’t bitter 5-6 years later when everyone suddenly thought it was cool and forgot the incident… I fixed computers for six years before going back to college.

Crap, I fell down a memory hole and lost the point again.

Ahh the point —found it —  I watch a lot of ScreenJunkies(@screenjunkies), HISHE (@TheHISHEdotcom), and Geek and Sundry (@GeekandSundry). Wil Wheaton(@wilw), Felicia Day (@feliciaday), and Chris Hardwick @hardwick (see footnote*) are pretty much the holy trinity in my nerd-bible…nerdible?… #Nerdible?… %$@ #$@#*&^ Dammit Twitter, seriously! 

Anyhow, I listen to the Nerdist almost everyday on my way to work on my hour and a half commute. When it came to my attention that I could sponsor an episode of the Podcast and bring The Never Hero infront of the audience it was essentially written for, well, I didn’t think twice.  Okay that is a lie, I flip flopped, I flip flopped a ton… Hey! sponsorships aren’t cheap people!

Anyhow, nothing is more surreal than actually hearing someone you listen to everyday say, “The Nerdist Podcast is brought to you by THE NEVER HERO!”

I mean… I could actually write stuff like, “The Never Hero… as featured on The Nerdist.” Or at least I could, you know, if I was a duche-bag. See what I did there.

Anyhow, I invite you all to listen to the EpisodeNerdist QT Nerdist Episode 774 with Quentin Tarantino.

Chris and Matt did some great improv with the script, and since you probably already read the book — I mean how the hell else would you find me — and just want a quick laugh, you can listen to the standalone clips below:

Spot One:

Spot Two:

(*) Honorable mention to Kevin Smith(@ThatKevinSmith).  He’d be in there but Trinities are… well you know… triangles… my whole nerdible thing wouldn’t have worked.. oh right… it didn’t really work anyway. Lets say it was my holy Cubible… ahh that sucks! You know how you know it sucks? Twitter hasn’t thought of it already. Maybe I can make Felicia Day like the Mother Mary of my nerdible. Ahhh crap, that sounded sexist just saying it.  Stupid white male privilege. No, I’m calling it, Smith is awarded honorable mention (See Footnote Footnote**).

(**) Okay so it was really neck in neck until Felicia Day mentioned on her last Nerdist interview that her Witcher 3 Gwent game sucked and that she had an entire house in Skyrim that she had filled with potatoes. That was just a profound bonding experience for me… but any other day man… I don’t know who it would have gone to. 

(***) I really wanted to title this blog entry The ‘Nerdist’ Hero, but you know… it just didn’t really make any sense.

The Nerdist Sponsorship
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