So, about a month ago, I asked Red & Blue from Overly Sarcastic Productions if I could sponsor an episode of their Youtube Channel.

I’ve been a fan of their content for about six months. If you’ve never checked them out I recommend it!  If you enjoy The Chronicle Of Jonathan Tibbs, you’ll love Red’s segment: Trope Talks.

Basically, If Collin and Hayden stopped arguing, combined their nerd powers for good, and formed some sort of nerd Voltron, Red would still defeat them in a battle of…

uh… making literary observations and gleaming insights while using pop culture reference to support your point.

See, I get why they just call it “Trope Talks” now.

Anyway, Red would be like nerd Godzilla in this analogy.

Wait, did that check out?

Okay… I did a strong minute thirty of internet research and it turns out there isn’t an easy to google consensus on who would win in a fight between Godzilla and Voltron.

I’m just gonna move on now…

Anyhow, turned out that Red was already working on an episode of Trope Talks titled: Saving The World. 

So, I was like…

“Yes! Yes please! That one! The Never Hero would like to be the proud sponsor of that episode! No, no, don’t need to see the rest of the list, That is the one!”

I’ll stop talking know so you can enjoy the video. Big thanks to Red and Blue!


Overly Sarcastic Productions
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One thought on “Overly Sarcastic Productions

  • February 25, 2020 at 7:07 pm

    This channel was how I found out about the Never Hero! It’s the first bit of fiction I’ve enjoyed as an audiobook, and I couldn’t put it nor its sequel down… and now that I just finished the second, I’m broken. I think your series and I are a bonded pair…


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