I haven’t dropped an update in a while, so it is time to fix that situation.

I have a new WIP (work in progress). I don’t have a working title for it yet, but in my head I’ve been calling it: “Bard-Hard.”

THIS WILL PROBABLY NOT BE THE FINAL TITLE. Too gimmicky even if it makes me smile.

Still, I look forward to thinking of its sequels as Bard-Harder… Bard Hard with a Vengence…

For now, I’m just going to refer to this WIP as “Bard-Hard” for the remainder of this update.

I began writing “Bard-Hard” about mid-September when my kids started Kindergarten. Currently, I’m 145 pages (roughly 60k words) into the first draft.

Now, I had started another book between The Never Army and “Bard Hard” and I was about 300 pages in before I knew that it wasn’t going to come together. I only bring this up because I sent out some early project announcements about said previous WIP and I don’t want folks getting confused. Anyhow, I haven’t thrown that previous WIP in the trash. The main problem with that story: it was too ambitious to be the first book in a fantasy series. The world I needed it to exist in requires more time to be fleshed out before jumping into where that story takes place. “Bard-Hard” will likely be the first stepping stone that eventually leads to that grandeur ambition.

Update on next upcoming novel

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