I’m having a difficult time getting to the end of my novel. Two scenes left to write (1) the final fight scene (2) the aftermath that leads into the rest of the series. Oddly the second part will be a cake walk.

I should have seen this coming, the last time I struggle this much just to get words onto the page was when I was writing the other big fight scene in the novel. I picked up Alan Baxter’s (@alanbaxter) Write The Fight Right. It was a good read except for one problem: It’s about writing realistic fight scenes.  I’m trying to write a convincing fight scene where the two opponents are superhuman. It changes the entire dynamic characters need to make realistic decisions and they are semi impervious and super strong. A well landed punch can knock a guy across the street or through a wall, and it’s unlikely to keep him down long. (imagine The Tick fighting himself, without the comedy) This was a little helpful: Five Ways to Write Intense Fight Scenes (Superhero and Fantasy). Also listening to the Man Of Steel soundtrack on loop was inspiring.

The last fight I wrote was less challenging because the hero and villain were very unevenly matched. My protagonist spent most of the scene running or just trying not to die. This time the hero is ready to throw down, it’s making mechanics difficult as he is trying to lure the villain into a trap, but there also needs to be a point where he struggles, comes close to being beaten to death, fears for his life. It wouldn’t be a very epic conclusion if he just kicks the bad guy’s butt all over the place like a #StevanSeagal movie.

Most of the advice I’ve read says not to have lengthy fight scenes. Unfortunately I have to ignore this as a great deal of my main character’s development occurs on a subconscious level as he is trying to survive. Scenes, for instance, where he is beating the villain to death but realizes he is simultaneously slaying the person he used to be.

Luckily, I have this blog to provide an excuse to procrastinate.

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