I really… really… really want to drive this point home. So I am going to start this with a few elegant bullets points:

  •          I seldom review products, especially if I don’t like a product.
  •          I never call tech support to complain, because I have worked in tech support.
  •          I did not do any research before I purchased this product.  This was a mistake.
  •          I have a patience that could put Buddhist monks to shame. I enjoy sitting in traffic!   That said, I’ve got nothing on kindergarten teachers, but I don’t think they are human.
  •          I don’t get angry.

I am going to repeat that last one. I DON’T GET F&@*@#G ANGRY.

Now to give additional perspective, I am reflecting on the last time I was THIS PISSED OFF.  It must have been when I was roughly 22 years old and still capable of a testosterone driven rage.  I am now 33.

UNDERSTAND: I have not been this angry in 11 years.  The no-exaggeration ridiculousness of this, it took less than 10 minutes to get me here!

10 MINUTES of using GoDaddy’s Web Building software and I am angrier than I can remember being in 11 YEARS!

I am not going to bore you with details.  No one wants a play by play of web page design.

Instead I am going to do 3 things:

  •          I hereby declare that GoDaddy’s Web Building Software is so awful, that the internet should come to refer to GoDaddy as VOLDEMORT.  That is right, THE EVIL THAT CAN’T BE NAMED!
  •          I am going to start compiling a list of links associated to just how bad this service is: Oh look, found one already : Go Daddy Hosting Sucks.com
  •          I am going to start researching moving my hosting to another service, probably no matter what the cost.

I have been more productive creating that stupid image at the top of this post then I have been on GoDaddy’s Site Builder all night.

The Never GoDaddy | The Evil Which Must Not Be Named
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