Like All Parents, I gain great joy from torturing my step-son in the service of his scholastic endeavors.  Recently I was given a new weapon in the battle, the power to turn off the router (internet access) with my smart phone.   How does this make me feel?

It a beautiful thing really,  he gets home from school, planning a day of doing nothing worthwhile, usually watching clips of other people playing minecraft on youtube.  (A behavior that drives me up a wall)  Only to find the internet refuses to provide its normal pipeline of mindless entertainment.

He texts me.


I am at work so he can’t call unless it’s an emergency. We talked about this after he interrupted a meeting to ask me to bring home a burrito.

Now, when he wants the internet, I give him a list of chores, and he has to text me when they are completed to turn the internet back on.  I don’t have to endure any complaining about it.  He either has to do chores, or entertain himself without the internet.  You can imagine what he picks each time.

This week, I kept a tally of every word he spelled wrong in text messages to me.  One of the chores was to write each word he misspelled 10 times.  The following ensued:

Click On Image to Enlarge

Now he is afraid to text me if he doesn’t have the internet on to use spell check.

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