Epiphany is a heavier word then I wanted.  There doesn’t seem to be a lighter one with quite the right meaning.  Personal mini-epiphany doesn’t do anything for me.  Diet Epiphany, nope we’re getting colder. Realization, discovery, insight… Damn Thesaurus you’re worthless.

I once went through a spiritual phase, meaning I got a little too into Eastern Philosophy and essentially turned into a holier-than-thou dickhead for a year in my twenties.  I blame this guy:Image

If that hadn’t happened, I might have been okay with the words like insight or introspective conclusion, but personal history is tainting those for me.  Paradigm Shift is like seeing your ‘Epiphany’ and raising you a lame catch phrase from the 60’s.

Since I haven’t even gotten started yet, how about another tangent.

I find that I associate the word Epiphany with the word Eureka.  I associated Eureka with this guy:Image

I associate Paradigm shift with the word Synergy. I associate synergy with corporate pie charts:

Yes. I am aware this is not a pie chart.

I realize that this association makes me sad because I really used to like that word.

The main point is, all these words are overkill.  The sub-point is that rambling on about my vocabulary shortcoming is entertaining me.

Oh well, not going to find the sweet spot with language tonight.

So I came to a personal insight (cringe) while introspecting today. Dammit! No. Hell No! You know what? I’m writing about my damn Epiphany tomorrow when I have a better word.  However, since I wasted all your time getting here, I’m going to include this picture I clipped from an internet argument that made me laugh:Image

Fun filled bonus fact.  I miss spelled Epiphany a dozen times while writing this garbage.

The Never Epiphany | I Was About To Get Deep But My Vocabulary Failed
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