So, I’ve never tried to contact a celebrity. I’ve never even tried to contact an internet celebrity.
Okay wait, fact check: that is a lie – admittedly I once sent an email to #SylvesterStallone through a link on his fan site. I never got a reply. It was a letdown, at least a month later when I remembered I’d actually done so. I felt so expendable…
Anyhow, I was inspired to set the bar to a more achievable level this morning. I’ve watched #AskANinja posts every once in a while since I saw the Ninja review of Pirates of Caribbean.

I’d explain the Story further but I think the email I sent does the Job:

Hi Ninja,
Should You Get Engaged To A Ninja?
I have a colleague at work who has referred to his girlfriend as “the ninja” since I met him. This week he announced that he is now engaged to “the Ninja.”
I actually don’t know her real name come to think of it.
Anyhow, any advice for someone who just got engaged to a Ninja?

Thank you for your professional consultation on the matter,

I did get a fun automated reply:
The Ninja will read your question carefully and then decide whether or
not it’s interesting and funny.
If it is, he’ll answer it and look forward to killing you soon.
If it isn’t, he’ll still kill you, but he won’t enjoy it.

Well, they already have a point on Stallone just for the acknowledgement.

The Never Ninja | Contacting A Celebrity… Kind Of.
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