You see pictures with captions on them everywhere on the internet. I’ve never made any, so today I tried my hand at it. Not sure if anyone will fall to floor laughing, but I went with the first 4 ideas that came to mind.

The Power of Positive Thinking
I can’t help it. Demotivational humor always makes me laugh.


My elected champion of poor book to film adaptations
I still don’t know who to hate for this.

#SwordofTruth, #TerryGoodkind, #legendoftheseeker

Worst casting... I'm still not over it
Worst casting… I’m still not over it

#TopherGrace, #Spiderman, #Venom, #ToddMcfarlane

I just want to see these video loose control of themselves and become a tidal wave of cat on cat light saber action…


So,  I got sarcasm, kittens, terrible television, and comic books on this first round.  Maybe next time I’ll do cubicles, coffee, and puppies.



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