Finally!  Here it is, The Never Hero Book Trailer!

This labor of love is a compilation of:

  • About two weeks of learning Adobe Premiere and After Effects.
  • Six hours of searching in order to license the perfect track of music.
  • Countless hours tinkering with the wording and transitions.
  • Don’t get me started on the Fog!

I spent 3 days watching tutorials of advanced after effects users trying to get a fog effect only to later realize I could have figured it out in about half and hour if I hadn’t made the assumption that it would be difficult.

This probably goes without saying, but if everyone who watches this trailer could like and share the living heck out of it, I’d really appreciate it!

In addition: The Never Hero Official Website | Got its own makeover to go along with the trailer launch.

The Never Trailer | The Book Trailer is Finally On YouTube!
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