So, I was watching one of ‘those‘ comedies today.  You know, one of those parody movies designed to be so bad its comical (think Scary Movie, Naked Gun, etc.).

Originally it was just procrastination, a netflix break from novel revision.  However, I finally saw an actor on screen that would be able to stand in as the main character, Jonathan Tibbs, in my novel.  I know, it’s an odd thing to post about,  but it has been annoying me since I started the damn book. Up until now I could of told you an actor/actress who could of stood in for every character except the protagonist.   Crap, I could tell you who would stand in for characters in the second and third book who I haven’t written a word about yet.

Anyhow, I’d never heard of him, but he isn’t a complete unknown.

Brant Daugherty

Technically the eyes are the wrong color… that’s about the only difference though.  He’s got the right mix of Clark Kent and Peter Parker that I hadn’t realized I was picturing.

The only other character I had half this much trouble with was the female lead.  Odd that the supporting characters we’re so easy to picture and the leads so difficult.

Anyhow, the female lead, Leah, looks like Bridget Regan (with more amber-ish hair) in my head.

Bridget Regan
The Never Face | IMDB Casting The Characters In Your Novel
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