A short entry today about the about the windy road of insecurity followed by out of control pomposity.

I am on the final revisions of my novel.  Chapter 23 out of 38 (Sweet! I am actually over half way done).

I started the day on chapter 19.  It’s been like running a circuit of hateful self-loathing, as I wallow in my own stupidity, only to turn the corner and find out-of-control ego, as I become convinced I’m a genius.  (note, I had to use spell check to spell “genius” correctly, that took me down a peg).

Its been that extreme all day, I go from one chapter thinking,: “wow, that really came out awesome, I’m so proud of myself,” to the next chapter of:  “eyyy gad, was there really no better way to get that on paper?”

In other words, I’m having a Bi-Polar editing day.  Anyone else have this troubling experience?


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