So, did Jennifer Connelly ever actually say this or did someone just think her facial expression was perfect for the meme?

As I sit here researching anti-surveillance equipment for a portion of The Never Hero sequel, I find I am imagining myself getting on some government black list. I know, “stop being paranoid.” It gets difficult to keep the fear mongering from trickling in, especially since the videos and equipment are all presented by the most ridiculously paranoid conspiracy junkies.

Still, I just watched a product tutorial about a camera lens detector that made me nervous about ever staying in a cheap hotel room while on the road. Basically, I had no idea just how easy and inexpensive it would be for a pervert or plain malicious person to put a wireless camera in a room.

I mean, there is a video you don’t want to find on the internet someday. Now that I’ve properly disseminated this fear on the internet I’ll get back to writing.

2 thoughts

  1. When my daughter was writing her “heist” screenplay, she would google all kinds of stuff that had her wondering if the government had an eyeball or two on her because of it. 🙂

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