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Today I finished updating the back matter on The Never Hero with “coming soon” notifications. They advertise the Sequel: The Never Trespass as well as the shorter installment series: Rolly. Both are planned for release in 2015.

As such, I wanted to show off the covers.  In previous posts I showed some of the drafts, back then I intended to call the sequel The Never Paradox, but as I got the manuscript on paper, the focus of the story changed and the title seemed less appropriate.

The covers above are likely what the finished products will look like. There is always the possibility that, somewhere in the revisions, I’ll feel the covers no longer adequately represent the novels, but barring that, these aren’t likely to change.

I still like the original cover for The Never Hero, and its still what you see on the paperback edition, but I got some feedback that it turned off female readers.  One actually said she was afraid to read it because it looked like a mixture of He-Man and something like a WWE advertisement.

In addition I made a small tweak to The Never Hero cover.  I added the series name and number under the author name: Chronicles Of Jonathan Tibbs | Volume I. I liked how this looked on the sequel cover so thought it would be best to add it to the original for continuity.


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