I’ve been working at this indie author self-promotions thing since I first published The Never Hero back in September 2014. I’ve learned a lot since then, so I thought I would compile a list of all the most helpful links I’ve come across. If you are just getting started, I hope that this list be of some assistance. I’ll try and give a little context with each listed link and not over do it. I will try to list each category in the order I found most useful.


If you haven’t started listening to podcasts, you have a new homework assignment.  Download them to your phone, live and breath them on your morning commute, they are goldmines of ideas and information.

Each week Mr. Whistler interviews and indie author who is breaking out.  Often times they give a play by play on how they went about it.  This is a great place to start learning marketing tactics for your books. Other than that, Simon Whistler’s books on various elements of self publishing are great resources as well.  See Book’s to pickup below.

Indie Author Resources
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