So, I doubt that an author going through standard publishing channels can use this trick, but if you’re an indie author, I recommend trying what I’ve discovered to be an awesome editing tactic.

I recently received a proof copy of my novel.  I’ve been reading thought it with a red pen.  I can’t explain why, though, I would postulate that holding a physical book changes the brain’s experience, but it is so much easier to spot problems.  Every glitch, typo, or awkward sentence stands out like it has a spotlight on it (even places where you accidently entered an extra space). Trust me folks, I printed the entire manuscript on standard printer paper and went through it line by line, this is a completely different experience.

If you have the option, I really recommend using your proof for your last revisions. If only I could do this with my blog posts, I could save everyone from my atrocious grammar errors!

The Never Tip | Awesome Editing ‘AHA!’ Moment
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