My step son turned fifteen yesterday. Every year around this time we take him to a haunted house and scare the crap out of him for his birthday. Anyhow, been updating the blogs aesthetics lately, and I came across this entry about dealing with teenage angst. Thought it was due for a reblog.

T. Ellery Hodges' The Never Chronicles

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My son came into my room the other day. He was clearly upset. He is fourteen on Saturday, and the seeds of rebellion grow stronger roots everyday.

Sitting beside me, he expressed his anger with a punishment he’d just been sentenced. To my honest fascination, I watched him employee a strategy I’d not yet seen from him. That was, to try to sway me to his side of the argument in the hopes that he could gain an ally in his struggle against his mother.

I let him try his best to sway me for a bit, to see where it would go, if he would impress me with a clever argument. Unfortunately it became a cliché teenager whining session summed up by “its not fair,” and I stopped him.

I asked if he really believed that I was going to retract his mother’s decree…

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