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I was recently interviewed on Balanced Warrior Podcast and the episode goes live today!

We talk about The Never Hero: What inspired the story, characters, themes, and symbolism– but we also geek out a bit and talk superheroes and scifi.

Want to thank host Red Foot (Jarret Kaufman) for having me on, I had a lot of fun!

Click here or image below to listen!



Today on Balanced Warrior Podcast, Science Fiction author, T. Ellery Hodges! Todd is the author of the novel, The Never Hero, which has sold over 40,000 copies on Amazon, and is just an all around awesome individual. Join us today as we discuss topics such as training sequences in books and movies, the writing process, making sacrifices to accomplish your dreams, finding a driving force, pop-culture references as a way to relate, and self-promotion.

Balance Warrior Podcast – Author Interview

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