Okay Folks, are you sitting down? This isn’t a drill! I’m normally a bit longer winded, but typing with one hand while burping a newborn tends to cut down one’s prose to an absolute minimum…





Volume II



Additional Details

Release date is set for March 23rd! This edition will sell for $5.99 shortly after release date, but Pre-order early and get the kindle edition at a discounted $4.99 as a thank you for early ordering.

The question I’ve been getting most frequently since this news hit the interwebs: What about paperback and audiobook editions? When will they be available?

Right now, Steven Barnett (Narrator) and I are working hard to get both formats released on the same day as the eBook. I will keep you updated if we run into any challenges.

Challenges? I don’t know… like if Steven gets pneumonia or my hands get amputated.

Thanks again everyone for all your patience and support!

7 thoughts

  1. Book pre-ordered! Will buy audio book as soon as it comes out! Once again thanks for writing a book that left me wanting to come back for more!

  2. Another pre-order! Very much looking forward to it. Was thinking about “Never Hero” this weekend, my first weekend of dirt biking, only my third time riding a motorcycle. The thought came as I was laying on my side in the mud, “If I was trying to escape a monster right now I would be so screwed.”

  3. Wooo! Had a jolt of happy adrenaline when I saw Never Paradox listed in “New March Books by Authors You’ve Read” from Goodreads! Can’t wait to hear the audiobook!

  4. Dernit. Just got to the end of Book 2 and groaned out loud when I saw the third one wasn’t done yet. Eegads, man, why must ye torture poor, unsuspecting audiobook listeners this way?!

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