Today is the day folks!


The Chronicles of Jonathan Tibbs
finally continue on Kindle!

Thank You! All of the readers out their who have supported the series, if it were not for you, this wouldn’t have been possible!

Updates On Other Formats

You will find a progress bar on the right hand side of the page that shows how far along each format is in the process. Below are some specific details.

Paperback: I am pending receipt of an LCCN number from the Library of Congress. Should be available to order soon!

Audiobook: Steven Barnett and I have passed the halfway mark recording The Never Paradox. If you missed it, there is currently a teaser chapter available on The Never Hero’s Facebook page and twitter feed.

Additional items of Note:

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The Never Paradox – Kindle Edition – Now Available

One thought on “The Never Paradox – Kindle Edition – Now Available

  • March 23, 2017 at 10:00 pm

    Sweet!!!! I’ve been waiting for this! 😃


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