So, I am about 12 chapters into the first draft of the sequel to the The Never Hero, (see previous post: The Never Paradox).  As it happens, I had been looking for a short story idea that I could write as a series. Something I could use to help funnel more readers toward the main book series.

I haven’t prepared a professional synopsis yet, but I started writing the story out about three days ago and I am really pleased with how its going. So I thought I’d give everyone a peak.

Rolly | Synopsis

Rolly is fighting her way across the aftermath of a zombie apocalypse. The twist on the story is that Rolly, used to be Molly. Rolly took over running ‘their’  survival a day after the grid went down. While the world was collapsing, Molly withdrew, laying dormant for years.

Now that the world is torn to shreds and the undead are everywhere, something has brought Molly to the surface. She has her own idea of what Rolly should be doing with her various talents and intends to use her alter ego as a weapon. The question is, after all this time, what does Molly want?

Its still in a draft, but I figure I’ll do 10,000 word installments.  After just finishing the editing and revisions on The Never Hero, this is pleasingly less labor intensive.  The cover is a prototype, obviously it doesn’t take place in Hong Kong, and even if it did, the grid would be down (lights off in the city).  Still, I’m pleased with how its coming out, and wanted to share.

New Project In-Progress | Meet Rolly Malsted
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