Today on the caveman interviews, we travel back in time to ask the question: So, just what sexual position do you and the cave woman seem to, well… you know…?

Was there ever an instinctual default method? If so, what did it happen to be? I mean, when in evolution did this scene play out:


With the plethora of colorfully named options we have on the menu today, one just can’t help but wonder what position good ol’ Homo sapien conception numero uno might have resulted from.  Seriously Anthropologists… is there no cave porn to answer this question?

Perhaps the buddy system… in which one cave buddy agrees to wash away the drawings on another cave buddy’s ceiling in the event he is trampled to death by stampeding gazelles so his cave family won’t find it… has earlier roots in human history than we originally theorized.


A complete coincidence that today happens to be Valentines day.

The Caveman Interviews | Sexual Position

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