Hello Gentle Readers,

Given the frequency with which I’m getting update requests, I feel its time to put everyone at ease about book three.

I’m still working on it. This will remain the case unless I die…

…or fall into a coma

…or lose my hands

…something really terrible will have to happen.

No, the manuscript is not as far along as I’d like. I’m about 60% of the way through the first draft.

Now, I know–I KNOW!

…Months ago, I said I was half way through the first draft.  The reason for such little progress since is that I re-wrote the whole damn thing. Trust me, this was out of necessity.

Okay, so why is it taking me so long regardless of rewrites?

Well, I hate to blame my shortcoming on innocent children…

I said I hate to do it, didn’t say I wouldn’t.

Currently, I am the loving father of two babies under two years of age. Okay technically Xander will turn two tomorrow, but at the time of this writing this statement is true. Lorelei is almost eight months.

These two are a handful.

I try to get as much time in the chair writing as possible, but if you’re a parent you already know I spend most of my days operating at some degree of sleep deprivation while desperately trying to accomplish the goal of showering at regular enough intervals as to not smell homeless.

All that said, you–Gentle Patient Readers–deserve something for your support! An update worth your time! So, here is a look at the cover art for the finale!

Now, I’ve redacted the word that comes after “The Never” in the title. Why?  I learned with The Never Paradox not to commit to a working title in the middle of the first draft.

Well folks, that is all I’ve got for now. I appreciate your patience and support. I can’t wait to get this book done for all of you!

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  1. Thanks for the update. I have listened to both books about 3 times each, if not more, and each time is like the first. Really can’t wait for book 3. (selfishly waiting)

  2. As a parent of three, I fully understand. That being said, even after three children, I STILL have no patience, so I’ll not pretend to be patiently waiting. But waiting I am, and will continue to do so until the story is ‘right’ …. and then I’ll scarf it up and devour it!!
    Just want to say thanks for these intriguing stories, and I look forward to the next one.

  3. lol have to admit having been a stay at home parent before I did wonder how you were going to do it. I’ll just keep hoping you don’t lose your hands or go into a coma etc. and get excited when it does come out.

  4. Read your first two books…which were a lot of fun! I’m a 64 year old grandma who enjoys escaping once in a while (or maybe a lot) so I’m really looking forward to the next installation.

    1. I got another one: “the never finished”. There might be a coma in there too…
      I’m glad we got an update though.

    2. Im waiting impatiently a d excitedly for the next book to be released. Jesus dude come onnnnnn this series is the bomb.com

  5. It’s time, time for you to tell the family that your leaving and you won’t be back until the book is done.😉. Seriously your very talented how you weave a great story. I believe you have the potential to be in this generation’s top one percentile of authors. Best wishes

  6. That you can get any writing done with 2 under 2 is astounding! I agree with Kelly’s comment, not only do you weave a great story but as a reader of sci fi fantasy for 40+ years it is delightful to read something so original and unique. I await the final book eagerly but would rather have it done right than rushed. Good Luck in all your endeavors.

  7. Hey, just out of curiosity will you still be using the Beta readers from The Never Paradox? I would love to still be included on the list!

    Obviously Love the series and have read multiple times, can’t wait for the third!

    Hope everything is going well with you and your family of course, Good luck with everything!

    1. Yes, I’ll reach out to everyone on the previous beta team when the time comes 🙂

  8. It’s passed the two year mark and I was hoping we could get another update? This is so far the most I have ever been invested in a book or series.

  9. It’s very rare I get so committed to a series!!! You’re an amazing author and I’m already sad to hear there will only be 3🥺. Thus… some quick minor requests from some of your biggest Tibbs’ fans in Florida… 1) more books in his series—it’s too great to quit with just 3!!! 🤗. 2) an authentic Salem-style witch hunt and burning for Leah, ( ‘86 her and her “fictitious” pregnancy)😖, and 3) bring Reilly back👍??🥰. Ah, well, it can’t hurt to ask for the first one! 😊 Keep up the amazing job!!! We can’t wait for the next book!!!

  10. Please keep writing …. I will keep on reading. Its hard to sift through the tiresome stuff out there. Once I find a good author like you eagerly await more. So, your readers await … but not at the expense of the diaper changes.

  11. Pardon the pun: The Never Ending
    Don’t rush. Get some sleep. It’ll be great.

  12. Love the first two books—just finished reading both for the third time after listening to the Never Hero on audible on a road trip.

    Have you been approached yet for movie or TV rights yet? Love to see your work on big or small screen but only if you stay involved as creative consultant/producer with final say—we’ve all seen what has happened to Game of Thrones.

  13. as long as you dont pull a Patrick Rothfuss on us we all good. look forward to the 3rd book.

    1. Man don’t even joke about that – Rothfuss is on my shyt list. Even if he releases the next book in his series I won’t read it. To me that series is dead. You don’t do that to your fans. Writers block for over 10 yrs….

  14. Loved both books. Given the amount of time since book two was released I had assumed you died. But no no no not at all! So start using birth control, neglect you kids and wife and finish hook three already!!!@!!!! JK of course, but hurry up already.

  15. How is book # 3 coming? It has been 8 months since we learned about The Never. I mean cheese…after getting me hooked on the first 2 books, it is like walking through thick mud waiting for some word….!

    1. I’m about 80% done with first draft. Slow progress being made each day but its being made. Thanks for reading! Hope to have good news for ya soon!

  16. So, do you have a Patreon, or is there some way we can bribe you to write more and father less? Can we pay someone to babysit? Where are your priorities!? I kid… kinda. I’ll level with you… I’ve never needed a book this bad, and I don’t know what to do with myself.

    1. Hi Stuart,

      I’m copy pasting this from another location, its the most recent update I’ve listed:

      Progress update on next Installment of The Chronicles Of Jonathan Tibbs.

      I’ll keep this short as I’m actually taking time away from finishing the first draft to give the update.

      Draft is currently at 202k words.

      Now, word counts are misleading as a means to give a real sense of how far along I am, but they are easy to report. I plan to update word count more frequently as I get closer to the finish line. That said, don’t be surprised if the number actually drops some days, I often edit down/remove scenes as they become unnecessary or less important.

      I estimate that I’ve written 90% of the book. The majority of what is left is “the climax.” As you can probably imagine, this is the most difficult portion to get done.

      In other news, I want to do a title and full cover reveal soon, so stay tuned for that. Thank you all for your support and patience. l’m well aware that I write at a pace that would frustrate most snails.

  17. You are in my top 10 list of authors. Hope all is well with both the new book and the family. I am old now and can assure you, nothing should come before the kids. They will be grown and gone sooner than you think.

  18. Word Count Wednesday? As you’ve already acknowledged the word count being misleading it is more just a function to keep yourself honest by publishing out every Wednesday that you made some sort of progress in a week. Just a thought; keep up the good work.

    This was recommended to me by a friend who is in the military and was having trouble motivating themselves to get into the physical shape they were required to be in. After I read it, I too was inspired to hit the gym as well. I’m not sure this was your intention, but a nice side effect of laying out stakes, and putting forth focus.

  19. Don’t forget about us Audio Book readers and please make sure it releases via Audible as soon as it releases! Its going to release in 2020. I know it. Can’t wait.

  20. Ok I’ve soared through these amazing books with my imagination going back to the detail of when I was a child and can not help but to look forward to more as you created a world that I was pulled into and every detail as if seen with my own eyes. Please another update would be awesome. Possibly somewhere between homeless caveman smell and wishful thoughts of sleep…….? Please?

  21. You were 90% in October. I’m keeping my fingers crossed… How close are we now to book 3? I can’t wait for the good news!

    1. I put the words “The End” on the first draft a few weeks ago. Been doing a marathon of editing since. It “might” not be much longer. I only say “Might” because I’m still not happy with Act III, so there will be a few re-writes in there.

      1. Do your thing I’m certain it will be worth the wait the first 2 books were awesome.

      2. Do you need help? You can send me a copy and I will let you know what I think. I’m helpful that way.

  22. I absolutely loved the first two books and I am on my second time through.
    I can’t wait for the third. That being said I am quite proud of you for putting your kids first.
    Raising our children to be good people is the highest priority. Keep up the good work the book will come.

  23. Do we need to send you a tied up Teddy Bear with the threat to torture it if your next book doesn’t come out soon? It worked on Stephen King. Ha.

    1. Dude, it’s coming out Dec 17, you can pre-order on Amazon. He had this announcement like last month. Where have you been?

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