Confession, title reveals make me far more nervous than cover reveals. Once a title is out is out there you can’t change your mind.

First off, the answer is “Yes.” I’m fully aware that TNA is an… unfortunate… acronym.

Second, some of you may be thinking, “Wait, wait, wait… The Never Army. Isn’t that also the name of your e-mail subscriber list? What are you playing at here?”

Okay you caught me. I knew six years ago that The Never Army would probably be the third volume’s title. But that was also before I really started considering how to go about marketing books (back then, I didn’t even know I needed a mailing list). So, when it occurred to me that The Never Army was also a catchy name for an email subscriber list… I went with it. Unless I’ve made a severe miscalculation any confusion this might cause will be minimal.

All that said, when I started working on volume three’s draft there was a serious contender for an alternate title. I won’t say what that title would have been because the alternate was “too apt.“ I know that sounds like the opposite of a reason to not have chosen it, but I came to feel the alternate actually risked being an ending spoiler.

Now, if all that just made you angry and curious about about what this mystery alternate title would have been, don’t worry, I plan to include that story in an author note at the end of the published novel. Theoretically, you’ll all have finished the book by then and the danger of ruining anything will be passed.

Anyhow, you’re all probably sick of hearing me babble about titles!

As always, thank you all so much for being a reader and supporting this series! You are all the reason my family eats and has a roof over its head! My only regret is that I can’t write faster for you!

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    1. Thinking of sharing a preview, if I do folks will have to know the text is subject to change before final manuscript. I’ll post the preview in all my social media pages if I decide to do so.

      1. Really can’t wait to see where the rabbit hole goes . The cliffhanger in book two made me want to form Voltron and open a can a kick azz . The Nextdoor vixen is really testing my oo heck no radar . I miss Rodriguez ! Can’t wait till the release of the Never Army.. this drinks for you ,
        Metaphorically of course !

  1. One day in the not too distant future (10 minutes of fervent hopes and prayers), I’ll see you’ve finally released this book.

    The universe will be still…

    Then I’ll squee, probably loudly and uncontrollably, for a minute or twenty. I’ll do a little hopping dance, then settle down and wipe tears of joy from my eyes. Then I’ll put everything else on hold, GET this book and FINALLY learn my wild imagination some manners.

    i couldn’t believe I enjoyed the second book so much. I had a serious case of the feels! My soul punched and danced and cried along with the characters. Absolutely awesome book.

    I hope TNA (grin) is a bit longer than TNP. I also hope to read it soon…

    …and I kid you not about the squee. And I’m a man.

    1. I just finished book 2 – I need book 3! The series is awesome! I wish I were as eloquent or humorous as the previous comments, but that’s all I got.

  2. I just discovered your series via Amazon. I’m not saying I got it bad or anything, but I just read the first two books back to back this afternoon and blew up the interwebs looking for the third.

    I regret that I have only 5 stars to give.

    So thank you for taking the time to do things right. That said, I’ve never been so happy to find out that a book was nearing launch.

    Also I don’t know how I’m going to be able to look at other books now, so thanks for that.

    It’s probably just as well I didn’t find this earlier. . . .

  3. Sooo, here’s the thing. We are stuck at home with nothing to do but read and watch tv. Please don’t make me rewatch Tiger King. I mean I would, but I would rather find out what happens to Tibbs.

  4. Hello,
    Just wondering if there was an ETA on the release date for this book 🙁 It’s been a while and I’ve both read the books and listened to their audio books trying to hold out for the third book. Any Idea how much longer? Really looking forward to it.

    Thanks for writing~

  5. Hi. I’ve really enjoyed the series so far and I’m looking forward to book 3. Is there an update on the release date for this book? Thanks.

    1. Hi Ted! Thanks for reading and supporting the series!

      I don’t have a release date yet, but if you’d like more frequent updates (smaller) I post to the facebook fan page ( a bit more often. The blog is usually for the longer winded progress updates.

  6. I love this series! It was recommended to me a couple times and it did not disappoint when I finally read it. I won’t go into too much detail but suffice it to say that I think its amazing.
    I was wondering if the third book was the last? It’d help to settle a piece of my mind because I can’t decide whether to hope for more story or to hope to know how it ends asap lol

    1. Hi Ellaina! Thanks for reading and supporting the series!

      The third book will be the finale. I may, at a later date, explored the possibility of a “Heyer” or “Douglas Tibbs” or “Heyer and Douglas Tibbs” prequel.
      That said, I am really excited to start a new fantasy series (Swords and Magic) after the completion of The Chronicles of Jonathan Tibbs.

  7. What I like about the stories is that they are much deeper than the typical action stories we usually see. There is depth and emotion and real connection between the characters. I so appreciate that. There is a sequence in the second book that went a bit over the top into explaining things and at first I thought it was too much all at once. I am talking about the explanations Heyer gives to Johnathan while in Heyer’s ship/home in Seattle. It went on and on and I thought this is way too much all at once and an break in the story. But in retrospect I see that Jonathan needed to know this info, I just wish it had not been put out there all at once in such a way. In any case the story is progressing great and I can’t wait for the next chapter.

    1. Hi Wolfhopper,

      You’re not wrong 🙂 I really wanted to get to the majority of the mechanical and historical details covered in book two, so that book three could be a more fast paced story that kept explanations to a minimum. Still, that sequence is unquestionably the one story telling choice I wish I could go back and change. Well, shrink considerably more than ‘change’.

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